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Unit 4 Homestay in the United States


Unit 4 Homestay in the United States
Unit 4 Homestay in the United States
Unit 4 Homestay in the United States
Unit 4 Homestay in the United States
Unit 4 Homestay in the United States
Unit 4 Homestay in the United States

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Scene 1

Homestay Advice
During your homestay, you are a member of the family.
You are not a guest.
You have to follow the house rules.
If you have any questions, ask your host family.
It is important to communicate with them.
You have to speak English, but you do not have to speak perfect English.
Don't be shy, and enjoy your stay.

Scene 2

Kaito: What are the Wilson family's house rules?
Are there any house rules?
Mrs. Wilson: Yes. You must come home by six.
Kaito: Six o'clock?
Isn't that a little early?
Mrs. Wilson: Well, we have dinner at six.
Kaito: I see.
Mrs. Wilson: And if you have a special plan later in the evening, you must not go out alone.
Kaito: Oh,..... Isn't it safe in the evening?
Mrs. Wilson: No, not for young boys and girls.
I'll take you there and pick you up.
Kaito: OK. I understand.

Read and Think 1

What proble do Shin and Nami have?

Shin's Case
Last night, when I finished using the bathroom, my host mother said, “Your shower was too long.
You should finish it in ten minutes.
I said to her, “Why do I have to do it so quickly?
I can't finish washing in such a short time.
She said, “Because we must save water.
We need to take our showers quickly.
What should I do?

Nami's Case
My host father is good at cooking.
Everyone enjoys eating his dinners, but there's one problem.
He puts too much food on my plate.
I can't finish it all.
I don't want to hurt his feelings.
What can I say when he's giving me too much?

Read and Think 2

What did Kaito do with his host family?
My host family was an elderly couple, Mr.and Mrs.Wilson.
They didn't watch TV or have video games.
I got bored at night because I had nothing to do.
One day, I asked Mrs.Wilson, “Why don't we play a card game or something?
Then, she taught me a word game.
It's one of her hobbies.
We enjoyed playing games together after dinner.
Learning new words was fun.
“after all, staying with a host family was a great experience.
Sometimes we couldn't understand each other.
However, I kept trying to speak in English, and 10 they listened to me carefully.
Both Mr.and Mrs.Wilson were very kind.
I want to visit them again in the near future.

Unit Activity

I want to eat delicious food in Japan, but I don't know Japanese table manners.
Also, I'm not good at using chopsticks.
In American restaurants, we usually leave 15% as a tip.
How much should we leave in Japan?
I'm going to live with a host family.
What Japanese custoMs.should I know about?

Let's Write 2

August 28, 2022
Dear Mr.and Mrs.Wilson,
How are you?
I am back in Japan now.
Thank you for a wonderful homestay.
Staying with you was a great experience.
I especially enjoyed playing word games with you.
I study English every day, and sometimes I use the words from our games.
I look forward to seeing you again someday.
Best wishes,

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