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Unit 3 Animals on the Red List

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Unit 3 Animals on the Red List
Unit 3 Animals on the Red List
Unit 3 Animals on the Red List
Unit 3 Animals on the Red List
Unit 3 Animals on the Red List
Unit 3 Animals on the Red List

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Unit3 1

? What is the poster about?

Save the Animals

Many kinds of animals are in danger of extinction.

Today they are facing many challenges, such as climate change and human activities.

It is difficult for endangered animals to survive in these conditions.

It is important for us to understand this.

The fastest animal needs the fastest help!

Save us, or there will be trouble.

Unit3 2

? What animals are in danger now?

Meg: Have you ever heard of the IUCN Red List?

Kaito: No, I've never heard of it. What is it?

Meg: The Red List gives us information about endangered animals, birds, plants, and so on.

Kaito: What animals are on the list?

Meg: Pandas, cheetahs, and gorillas, for example.

Kaito: Really? I didn't know that.

Meg: Some animals and birds in Japan are also on it.

I want everyone to know that.

Kaito: Why don't we write an article for our class newspaper?

Meg: That's a good idea.

Unit3 RT 1

? Could we see many toki in Japan before?

Endangered Animals in the World

Let us give you one example from the Red List.

It is the crested ibis, or toki in Japanese.

Up until the Meiji era, we could see many ibises around this country.

However, the population of ibises in Japan rapidly decreased.

People hunted them for their beautiful feathers, and development destroyed their environment.

It was difficult for them to survive.

In 1981, five ibises were captured on Sado Island for breeding.

People tried to help them live safely, but they died one by one.

The last one died in 2003.

However, we still had some Chinese-born ibises on the island.

They were a gift from the Chinese government in the 1990s.

Since then, people have been breeding these ibises.

We have lost all of the original Japanese ibises, but someday ibises may fly over Japan like before.

Unit3 RT 2

Why are the gorillas in the Congo endangered?

Some gorillas are also on the Red List.

According to a study, the largest gorillas in the Congo may die out soonThere are many reasons, such as hunting, logging, and mining.

Surprisingly, our electronic devices are one of these reasons.

To make these devices, we need some special metals.

Some of these metals come from the gorillas' habitat.

If we use more devices, more of their habitat may be destroyed.

These gorillas may not survive. We have to understand this.

Why do we have to protect these animals?

Each animal has its own role in the ecosystem.

If we lose one species, it affects many others.

Human beings are also part of this ecosystem.

We are all related to each other.

So it is important for us to take action now.

Let's help the animals survive.

Let's Write 2

Walking and Texting: OK or Not?

Texting and driving is illegal in most places, but what about _texting and walking?

In 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii, banned texting or looking down at any electronic device when you cross the street.

Do you think more cities should make such a law?

We need laws for electronic device use on the street.

Being safe is more important than texting.

We can make our own decisions.

The police should work on more important things.

Making a law is the most effective way.

Most people may keep the law.

We need to think about it by ourselves.

I do not think we need laws for electronic device use on the street.

I have two reasons.

First, sometimes we really need to use those devices outside.

If you are looking at a map, it is a bother to stop looking when you cross the street.

Second, we can make our own decisions. Bike accidents are common, but many people choose to ride them anyway.

We cannot ban everything. I do not think we need such a law.

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