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Unit 5 Universal Design

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Unit 5 Universal Design
Unit 5 Universal Design
Unit 5 Universal Design
Unit 5 Universal Design
Unit 5 Universal Design
Unit 5 Universal Design

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Scene 1

Products for everyone
What can we do at this event?
Designs and Products for Everyone
In this exhibition, you can see and touch some universal design products first-hand.
You will learn how to use them easily.
You will also learn where to find universal design facilities in our city.
Please come and learn.
DATE October 10
TIME 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
PLACE Midori City Hall

Scene 2

What does the staff member explain to Meg?
Look over here.
I can show you how to use these universal design products.
Why is this jar a universal design?
Look carefully.
Do you see the bumps?
Thanks to the bumps, we can open it easily.
It also has braille for blind people.
This jar has some very helpful features.
That's interesting.
I can also tell you where to find universal design 10 facilities in our city.

Read and Think 1

What is Meg introducing?
Do you know about universal design?
“Universal”means "for all people.”
Look at this plastic bottle.
We can hold it easily because it has a special shape.
It's a common example of universal design.
I'm glad that I could find other examples in our : city.
Look at these pictures.
Do you see the braille on the handrail?
People can read it with their fingers.
Do you see the ramp by the stairs?
If you're in a wheelchair, or pulling heavy luggage, you can use the ramp.
It also helps the elderly and people with babies and small children.
I think these ideas are wonderful.
I'm sure that they help many people.

Read and Think 2

Who is the father of universal design?
Ronald Mace, an American professor, is the father of universal design.
He was in a wheelchair from childhood, and often had a difficult time.
So, he looked for ways to make a better society for disabled people.
In the 1970s, people started to remove barriers for disabled people, but Ronald had a different idea.
He wanted to remove barriers for everyone.
He thought that we often become disabled as we get old.
It is important to know that there are different people in our society.
In the 1980s, he founded the Center for Universal Design, and spread his idea to the world.
Now many people think that it is a great idea.
We can all do something to help others.
Do you have any ideas?

Let's Talk 3

Excuse me.
Could you tell me how to get to Raffles Place Station?
Take the Downtown Line to Bugis, and change trains there.
I see.
Which line should I take from Bugis?
Take the East West Line.
Raffles Place Station is two stops from Bugis.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure.

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