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Unit 3 Club Activities

単語Unit3 単語チェック

Unit 3 Club Activities
Unit 3 Club Activities
Unit 3 Club Activities
Unit 3 Club Activities
Unit 3 Club Activities
Unit 3 Club Activities

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Unit3 Part1

Meg: Hi, Josh.
What do you have in that bag?
Josh: A trumpet.
I'm in the brass band.
Meg: I see.

Meg: Where do you practice?
Josh: In the music room.
But before a concert, we practice in the gym.
Meg: When is the next concert?
Josh: It's on July 5, at Midori Hall.
Meg: Where is that?
Josh: It's near the station.

Unit3 Part2

Meg: How are you, Kaito?
Kaito: Oh, hi, Meg.
I'm really excited!
Meg: Why?
Kaito: We have a practice game today.
Meg: Really? Cool!
Kaito: Yeah.
I want to win the game.
Meg: You practice soccer very hard.
Kaito: Yes, I want to be a good soccer player.
Meg: Is that all?
Kaito: Well, someday I want to play in the World Cup.
Meg: Wow. Good luck!

Unit3 Part3

Meg: What do you bring to practice?
Asami: I bring my rackets, shoes, towels, and a water bottle.
Meg: Rackets? How many rackets do you have?
Asami: I have two.
Meg: Wow.

Meg: When do you practice?
Asami: We practice five days a week.
We're off on Tuesdays and Sundays.
Meg: I see.
Who are those men?
Asami: They're our coaches.
They come on Fridays.
Meg: That's nice.






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