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Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together

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Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together
Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together
Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together
Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together
Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together
Unit 4 Be Prepared and Work Together

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Unit4 1

How many foreign people in Midori City know where the local shelter is?

Are you prepared for a disaster? What do you know?

Please circle the number(s).

  1. I know where the local shelter is.

  2. I know how much food and water I should store.

  3. I know what number I should call in case of a fire.

  4. I know how to use a fire extinguisher.

Unit4 2

Does Meg know what she should put in an emergency kit?

Meg: Asami, has your family prepared for a disaster?

Asami: Yes.

Meg: Oh, really? Tell me what you've done.

Asami: Well, we've made an emergency kit. We keep it in our home. We've also decided how to contact each other during a disaster.

Meg: That's great. Actually, my family hasn't made an emergency kit yet. Do you know what we should put in it?

Asami: Well, I can send you a link. It shows you what you should prepare.

Meg: Really? Thanks.

Unit4 RT1

What kinds of troubles did these people have?

Case 1

When the earthquake began, I didn't know what was happening.

After the terrible shaking, I ran out of the house with my wife.

We didn't know where to go, so we drove to a supermarket parking lot.

We stayed in our car for five hours.

We were too scared to get out.

Finally, we spoke to a police officer passing by.

He guided us to the local shelter.

I didn't know about it until then.

Case 2

My friend and I took a day trip by train. On the way back,

there was a big earthquake. Trains stopped running. The announcements at the station were in Japanese. We looked on the internet, but is all the latest information there was in Japanese, too.

Fortunately, there was a woman speaking to some travelers in English.

She told us how to go back.

Unit4 RT2

What did Wakaba City have yesterday?

Every year, more and more foreign people are coming to live in Japan.

The number of tourists visiting Japan is growing, too.

Many of them don't know what to do in an earthquake.

It's necessary for us to be prepared to help them.

Wakaba City had an evacuation drill for foreign residents and visitors yesterday.

In the drill, they experienced some simulations and learned how they can protect themselves.

They followed instructions given in English and easy Japanese.

The city handed out an evacuation map made by Wakaba Junior High School students.

The map uses simple symbols and pictures.

It shows people where they should go in a disaster.

We interviewed some students at the school.

One said, “We're glad to help foreign people.

It's important for everyone to help each other and work together.

Yesterday was a good start.

Everyone should be prepared.


A: Excuse me. Can I help you?

B: Oh, yes, please. Do you know where Midori City Hotel is?

A: Midori City Hotel? Yes. Shall I take you there?

B: Thank you. That's very kind of you.

A: Would you like me to carry your umbrella or something?

B: Oh. Thank you very much.

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